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Guizhou province, China
Guizhou has one of the highest rates of illiteracy in China, especially among its many minority peoples. Nonetheless, there are a number of institutions of higher learning in the province, including Guizhou University founded 1958, Guiyang Medical University 1938, Guizhou Normal University 1941, Guizhou University for Nationalities 1951; for training members of ethnic minority groups, and Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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In the evening drive to Guilin railway station and take a bullet train to Zhaoxing 45 minutes and stay one cosy night thereDay 2Zhaoxing: is the biggest Dong people village in China. In the history, here is a hub of communication in South-east part of Guizhou province, It can reach Guilin Guangxi Province on its southeast direction through Sanjiang Countyreach, Huaihua Hunan Province on its northeast direction through Tongdao County and reach Guiyang Guizhou's' capital on its northwest direction through Rongjiang County.
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zh Site gouvernemental. fr Le Guizhou et ses peuples. fr Le Guizhou Guide d'entraînement' avant JO. en Informations sur les camps de travail dans la province du Guizhou. Subdivisions de niveau préfecture du Guizhou. Villes-préfectures Anshun Bijie Guiyang Liupanshui Tongren Zunyi.
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Another Guizhou specialty is Maotai Liquor, which is considered the national liquor of China national liquor and one of the worlds three best distilled liquors along with whisky from the United Kingdom and French brandy. Rice wine made by local farmers is also a famous specialty.
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Zhenyuan County, Old Town in Guizhou. In 2011, according to a report by the Economist, Guizhou was the poorest province in China, with GDP per capita of 3335, slightly lower than India's. In 2011, Switzerland was the richest country in the world, with GDP per capita of 88516.
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Heritage-based tourism edit. The World Bank Strategic" Environmental Assessment Study: Tourism Development in the Province of Guizhou, China" May 25, 2007 43 points to three different forms of tourism that should be fostered and developed in Guizhou, China: Nature-based, Heritage-based and Rural Tourism.
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De nos jours, le Guizhou est toujours considéré comme une région assez peu développée, mais le tourisme naissant engendre lamélioration progressive des voies de transport. Quand voyager au Guizhou? Vous trouverez des informations plus détaillées sur le climat du Guizhou sur la page: Météo Guizhou.
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Guiyang International Big Data Expo, as the worlds first big-data-themed Expo, has been successfully held for three consecutive years. In 2017, it was officially upgraded into a national Expo and thus renamed China International Big Data Industry Expo. Invest in guizhou.

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