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Overnight in Zhaoxing village.D4 Zhaoxing-Guiyang 310Km, 4.5Hrs BLIn the morning visit Tangan village, situated at a mountain slope and encircled by rice fields, green trees and hills. It has been accepted jointly by China and Norway as an ecological museum of the Dong ethnic group. Hike about 2.5hrs from Tangan Village to Zhaoxing village, you will passing the rice fields on the way. This afternoon you will be escorted back to your hotel in Guiyang. 711 Multi-day Extended Tours. 5-Day Western Guizhou Discovery from Guiyang.
Guizhou province, China
Guizhou experienced some economic development as a result of the Japanese occupation of regions of China to the east during the Sino-Japanese War 193745. This included establishing some industry and commercial activities and setting up the first of its higher-education facilities.
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zh Site gouvernemental. fr Le Guizhou et ses peuples. fr Le Guizhou Guide d'entraînement' avant JO. en Informations sur les camps de travail dans la province du Guizhou. Subdivisions de niveau préfecture du Guizhou. Villes-préfectures Anshun Bijie Guiyang Liupanshui Tongren Zunyi.
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Immersion chez les minorités du Guizhou et du Guangxi 14 jours. Voyage traversée du Guizhou 12 jours. Voyage sur mesure en Chine. Forts de 10 ans d'expérience' dans l'organisation' de voyage en Chine, nous créons des circuits sur mesure avec des prestations de qualité, laissant à chacun de nos voyageurs des souvenirs intarissables. Nous sommes une agence de voyage locale en Chine, avec des bureaux établis depuis plusieurs années à travers la Chine. Nous disposons également depuis quelques années d'une' agence de voyage en Chine. Cette double compétence nous offre une connaissance intime de la destination, une maîtrise de nos circuits de A à Z et sans intermédiaire, vous offrant ainsi la possibilité de créer un voyage totalement personnalisé, avec des prestations de qualité, pour un coût maitrisé. Nous contacter / 2018 agence de voyages sur mesure en Chine. China Roads vous fait voyager!
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Zhenyuan County, Old Town in Guizhou. In 2011, according to a report by the Economist, Guizhou was the poorest province in China, with GDP per capita of 3335, slightly lower than India's. In 2011, Switzerland was the richest country in the world, with GDP per capita of 88516.
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Heritage-based tourism edit. The World Bank Strategic" Environmental Assessment Study: Tourism Development in the Province of Guizhou, China" May 25, 2007 44 points to three different forms of tourism that should be fostered and developed in Guizhou, China: Nature-based, Heritage-based and Rural Tourism.
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Another Guizhou specialty is Maotai Liquor, which is considered the national liquor of China national liquor and one of the worlds three best distilled liquors along with whisky from the United Kingdom and French brandy. Rice wine made by local farmers is also a famous specialty.
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Guizhou in Foreign Eyes. For China, rising tides lift all boats. In China, when you look out on a seemingly unspoiled vista, it can be easy to forget that the landscape you're' admiring may in fact have been inhabited for centuries.

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